While SimpleRisk is primarily written in English, we have had a number of people volunteer to help with translations into other languages as well. 

Currently supported languages:

  •     Afrikaans
  •     Arabic
  •     Bulgarian
  •     Brazilian Portuguese
  •     Catalan
  •     Chinese (Simplified)
  •     Chinese (Taiwan Traditional)
  •     Czech
  •     Danish    
  •     Dutch
  •     English
  •     Finnish
  •     French
  •     German
  •     Greek
  •     Hebrew
  •     Hindi
  •     Hungarian
  •     Italian
  •     Japanese
  •     Korean
  •     Mongolian
  •     Norwegian
  •     Polish
  •     Portuguese
  •     Romanian
  •     Russian
  •     Serbian
  •     Spanish
  •     Swedish
  •     Turkish
  •     Ukrainian
  •     Vietnamese

 If you are able to read and write a different language and would like to help contribute a translation to SimpleRisk, here's how you do it.

  • First create an account here. https://translate.simplerisk.com
  • Now all you have to do is choose a language and follow the prompts to verify and translate each item in the left column to submit for proofreading.

If you do not see a language and would like to help translate that language for SimpleRisk you will need to contact us at support@simplerisk.com so that we may add it to the project.

We appreciate any and all translations submitted and will monitor regularly so that the translations are put to use as soon as possible. Thank you.