When receiving the error “Risk ID does not exist” this is most likely due to having the Extra called Team-Based Separation installed and activated, this will require that all risks can only be edited by users on the team the risk is assigned to. Below we will cover 2 ways of mitigating this issue. 

Solution #1: Disable Team-Based Separation

Disabling Team-Based Separation is fairly straight forward from the main Simple Risk UI page navigate to the Configure page on the main panel furthest to the right as show in Figure 1 below.

Once on the configuration page navigate to the Extras by selecting it on the left hand list of configurable modules and finally find Team-Based Separation in the list of Extras and click the Yes in the enabled column residing next to the Extra we intend to disable. When complete it should look like Figure 2 this also depicts where in the list the Extras page resides in the Configure panel.

Solution #2: Adding Users to Teams

This solution is for those who would like to continue the use of the Team-Based Separation Extra. To do this we must start by navigating to the Configure page by selecting it out of the top panel furthest to the right. See screen shot below in Figure 3 if you are having trouble locating it.

Next we need to navigate to the User Management panel which is the fourth in the list on your left hand side of the page. Below is an example of what this should look like.

Once in the User Management module scroll down approximately mid way and look for the View Details for User selection. Directly below it will depict the following.

Select the User you are currently trying to give access to and click select to the right of the User chosen. This will bring you to the User's detail page and allow you to change a number of characteristics of that User including their Team which is our goal for this guide. As depicted below find the Team drop down and assign the User needing access to any and all applicable teams. Finally scroll to the bottom of the page and click update to enact changes made to the User.