Is your SimpleRisk database damaged? Full of incoherent information? Maybe you just need to start over from scratch. This guide will bring you through the steps of removing the SimpleRisk database so that you may run the installer again to setup a new one. Please note that if you deleted the install upon completion of the original install you will need to re-obtain it and follow the steps in the original setup guide to setup up the new database once finished here.


    Depending on if your using Windows or Linux you must start by either opening your mysql console in windows or typing the command “mysql -u root-p” in terminal. This should bring you to a screen that looks like the figure below. Keep in mind in WAMP has a blank password and in linux it will require the password set on installation.

        Once you're are in the mysql console we should first confirm the name of your database by typing “show databases;” this should list the various databases in your mysql. Below is an example of what this may look like.

    Next we need to drop the database using 4 commands

First the command “drop database simplerisk;”

Second the command “use mysql;” to target the mysql database.

Now we will remove the privileges originally set on installation to do this we enter the commands:

 “delete from user where user='simplerisk';” then use “delete from db where user='simplerisk';” and finally “flush privileges;” at the end your console should look something like the following.

    To verify that the database has been dropped and permissions removed you may take the following steps “show databases;” to display the known databases and ensure yours is no longer listed. Next type “select * from user;” and ensure there are no places it mentions your old database and do the same with “select * from db;”. If you no longer see your database in all 3 places you have completed this guide and successfully dropped your SimpleRisk database.