This guide will help to add individual sites/locations at will without the need of importing any risks or assets. This can be useful if an asset is moved or if there is a restructure of locations or new mapping of current assets. This can also be used to add Sites that otherwise have no other information associated with them for future use.

How to

To add new sites is fairly simple you must navigate to the configure page of SimpleRisk located at the top right of any page in SimpleRisk and once there navigate to the third choice on the left labeled Add and Remove values. On this page you may notice that several other values can be added on this page. Scroll down approximately half way and you will see the group labeled “Sites/Locations:”. Here we can modify an existing site name and it will be reflected across all assets set to that location, you may also add a new location and finally you may also remove locations. An example of this page is provided below with some common uses filled out. (Note: Each time you click Add you will have to scroll back down to the section.)