Occasionally, there is an issue with SimpleRisk that requires some additional information in order to troubleshoot what is going on.  To help with this, the SimpleRisk code contains debug logging inside critical functions, but it is disabled by default in order to prevent large log files from filling up your disk space.  To enable debug logging, edit the simplerisk/includes/config.php file for your SimpleRisk instance.  Toward the bottom of the file, you should see a line that reads:

// Turn on debugging
define('DEBUG', 'false');

Change the "DEBUG" value from "false" to "true" to enable debug logging.

You will also need to tell SimpleRisk where the debug log should write to.  Underneath the DEBUG line above, there may be a line for DEBUG_FILE.  If it does not exist, you can add it as follows:

// Debug file
define('DEBUG_FILE', '/tmp/debug_log');

This example will write the log to a file called "debug_log" under the /tmp directory.  You can set it to any location that is writeable by the user which the web server runs as.

Modifying these two lines in the config.php file will enable debug logging.  Now, re-create the issue that you are trying to troubleshoot and check the debug_log file to see what information is printed in it.  If you are planning on contacting support with this information, please also provide the version of SimpleRisk that you are running as well as any pertinent entries in the Apache error_log file (or the error log for whatever web server you are running SimpleRisk under).