How to Submit a Risk in Simple Risk


So, you just installed SimpleRisk or your just gained access to your hosted trial and you think you’re ready to start getting a handle on your risk management? There is no better place than to start than by adding a risk to track. Today we will go over the process of adding a risk and some key features of the submission page.


In your SimpleRisk instance you have a menu choice labeled Risk Management - click this - and you automatically navigate to the Risk Submission page.

While the only information required to submit a risk is the Subject and Title of the Risk, you’re going to want to be as detailed as possible so key information is not overlooked when accessing the risk at a later point in time. For example, it’s possible you may be unable to find a risk you're tracking because you only know the asset it affects, don’t remember the name and you forgot to enter it. So, as a best practice, always try to include as much information as possible when submitting risks.

On this page, all of the values in drop down boxes can be changed by first going to the “Configure” menu at the top and then navigating to the “Add and Remove Values” page on the left.

The dialogues that can be typed in, with the exception of “Affected Assets,” are entered on a per risk basis. The “Affected Assets” box retains each asset that has ever been entered and can be selected again by using the arrow keys after clicking the dialogue box. You may also choose to upload supporting documentation by clicking “Choose File” at the bottom of the right column.

The default maximum upload size is 5MB. If at any point if you need to change this default size you may do so in the Configure menu at the top followed by the File Upload Size menu on the left.

If you need to start over at any time you can use the “Clear Form” button located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Once you have entered all the information available, simply select the “Submit Risk” button located at the bottom right to save the risk into the system.

This concludes the video on “How to Perform a Backup” in SimpleRisk. If any questions were left unanswered or could use more in-depth descriptions, please submit your feedback to our Customer Support email address which is