This video outlines review submission in SimpleRisk. Below you will find the script for this video.

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How to Perform a Review in SimpleRisk


Reviews in SimpleRisk are designed to make it easy for management and key stakeholders to continually evaluate your organization’s risk status at regularly scheduled intervals to re-confirm or adjust planned  mitigation efforts. Reviews in SimpleRisk are organized under three main menus including: 

Reviews can be performed by any user who has been granted the appropriate Review Risk Level in the User Configuration page.


At the core of ensuring the risk mitigation review process is effectively are the “Perform Reviews” and“Review Regularly” menus. Leveraging these two menus and keeping them up to date will impose structure and continuity to the risk review process and help make sure you stay on track.

First,let’s look at the “Perform Reviews” menu.You can access this page by navigating to “Risk Management” at the top and “Perform Reviews” on the left. This screen is designed to be used for actively reviewing all risk and mitigation related information. By following this process, you are able to determine which reviews demand the highest priority and more focused attention. (Below is a sample screen shot of the Perform Reviews page.)

The second way to perform a risk review is to select “Risk Management” at the top left side of the page and then click the last option in the column on the left labeled “Review Regularly.”(Below is a sample screen shot of the “Review Regularly” page.)
This page displays all risks that are currently open for review. You will see a column on the far right labeled “Next Review Date.” This column shows the next time a review related to a specific risk is due and will display “Past Due” if the timeline for the review has already elapsed. Clicking the value in the “Next Review Date” column will automatically direct you to the “Review”tab located in the “Risk ID” page associated with each and every risk.

On the Review page, you will see the review date and the reviewer’s name listed near the middle of the screen, and just below you will see a drop down menu labeled “Review.” Use this drop down to determine if this is a risk that needs to be tracked and ultimately approved, or rejected based on criteria that you’ve defined within your organization. When you have chosen to either approve or reject the risk, you will want to use the drop down menu below labeled “Next Step” to document the proposed mitigation for that risk when the review is submitted. 

There are three pre-labeled default “Next Steps” available. New steps can easily be added from the “Configure” menu at the top and then selecting “Add and Remove Values” on the left. The three default next steps to choose from are “Accept Until Next Review”, “Consider for Project”, and “Submit as a Production Issue.”

You’re also able add any additional comments and descriptions in the field labeled “Comments.”

On the right side of this page the next review date is displayed, based on the assigned risk score. You have the option to assign a different date by selecting the “Yes” bubble just under “Would you like to use a different date instead?” When selected, you’re able to override the automatically assigned review date and the new manually entered date will be specific to this risk only. All other risks that have the same risk score will still default to the configuration set in the “Configure Review Settings”.

Once you have finished inputting all relevant data, you are now ready to submit the review. 


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