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How to Perform an Internal Risk Assessment in SimpleRisk


In this short video, we will review how to leverage the CIS Critical Security Controls assessment in SimpleRisk as an excellent way to perform a basic risk assessment for your organization.

We’ve included a template for CIS in SimpleRisk that contains 20 yes/no answer questions that shouldn't take you more than a few minutes, but will provide valuable insight into your organization's risk posture.


To begin the process, from the menu at the top of SimpleRisk, click on "Assessments" and then select "Critical Security Controls" under the Available Assessments. You can leave the "Asset Name" field blank, or enter the name of a specific application or business unit to which your answers will apply.

Below is a screen shot of the Critical Security Controls assessment.

From here, simply answer "Yes" or "No" to the 20 questions and click on "Submit". A risk will be created for each "No" answer under the "Pending Risks" section found on the left. Click on "Add" to push the risks into SimpleRisk.

This concludes the video on “How to Perform an Internal Risk Assessment” in SimpleRisk. If any questions were left unanswered or could use more in-depth descriptions, please submit your feedback to our Customer Support email address which is