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How to do Dynamic Risk Reporting with SimpleRisk


The Dynamic Risk Report feature in SimpleRisk is extremely straightforward to set up, and allows you to easily select and apply nearly any combination of risk criteria to generate custom reports specific your organization’s needs. Having the ability to create dynamic risk reports that display the information that you want to see in a way that is both clear and precise, not only provides a more holistic view of your risk posture, but also makes the overall risk management process much more efficient for all stakeholders.


To start using the Dynamic Risk Report, navigate to the “Reporting” menu at the top and then to the “Dynamic Risk Report” on the left. When the page first loads, you will see 4 drop down menus at the top. These drop downs will determine both the report content, as well as the report format.

Once you’ve made selections from the 4 drop down menus at the top, you may use the numerous checkboxes below to customize your report to display the desired information. The Dynamic Risk Report is very versatile in that it allows you to select the exact information you want to display out of a given set of risks with very little input on the user. (Below is a sample screenshot of a Dynamic Risk Report).

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