This guide is intended to provide the uses and effects of the user responsibilities check boxes found in the User Management menus for editing and creating users. To edit a user's responsibilities or create a new one you will need to go to the “Configure” menu at the top and then the “User Management” menu on the left. The first section on this page allows you to enter the details and select the responsibilities of a new user. Once you have filled this out and made your selection you may click the “Add” button found at the bottom of the section below “Multi-Factor Authentication”. If you would like to edit an existing user, then from the “User Management” menu described above you would look at the second section labeled “View Details for User”. There is a drop down menu in this section that will allow you to select a specific user and then, by clicking “select”, you will be taken to the management menu for that specific user, which should look similar to the user creation section seen on the previous page. After making any changes to the user responsibilities, you will need to click the “Update” button at the bottom. Users may also check their account's assigned responsibilities by clicking their username displayed at the top right of all menus and clicking “My Profile”.


Attached to the bottom of this doc is a PDF containing all the current permissions configurable in SimpleRisk. As new ones are added this doc will be updated to reflect that.