This guide will serve as a how to move a SimpleRisk instance to another machine or VM. This process can be relatively simple but we always recommend getting a full backup of your SimpleRisk database at the least and optimally a copy of your SimpleRisk directory as well. If you need guidance on how to backup your database that can be found here: How to Backup SimpleRisk

This guide is meant to be broad and will work under the guise that you have installed successfully in the past, if you need instructions for installation of SimpleRisk guides can be found here: Installation Guides

To complete this process you will need to have access to your MySQL root user.

If at anypoint you are unable to proceed or unsure how to proceed you may need to reference the two aforementioned links for guidance. If you are still unable to resolve the issue or answer the question you will want to contact us at We will be happy to help in any reasonable way we can.


If you are going to bring the SimpleRisk directory from the old server to the new you may leave your extras on, failure to do so will result in data loss to the assessment extra and complianceforge scf specifically. If you are unable to do so then you will need to deactivate all extras before moving the database over, this can be done from the “Configure” menu at the top followed by the “Extras” menu on the left. Clicking each “Yes” should take you to a menu that will allow for the deactivation of that extra. Once you have deactivated all extras you will now make the backup that will actually be transferred to your new server. (Note: any extras that required further setup such as Authentication Extra will still retain their settings as they are stored in the database even after deactivation.)

Now that you have your backup of the database and SimpleRisk directory made you can now proceed to installing a LAMP server on your destination machine. For a refresher you can find the information on installation in the link supplied in the intro. You will want to follow the install guide up until it asks you to move the SimpleRisk directory into your www directory.

At this point you will now insert the SimpleRisk directory from the source machine into the “/var/www/” or equivalent once it is in place we now need to restore the the SimpleRisk database backup you should have from the previous steps.

To restore the database navigate to it’s directory from CLI and use the command:

“mysql -u root -p < simplerisk.sql”

This will insert the database into your new MySQL instance. 

If the system receiving the database was setup using the script please skip the following and at this point you should now have a completed the migration. If you are setting up the system receiving the database manually then please continue on.

You will now need to create the SimpleRisk user. Before you begin you will need to travel to your SimpleRisk directory and find the simplerisk/includes/config.php and find the line that states something like:


Copy this DB_Password and save it for your next step.

 To create the SimpleRisk user login to your MySQL console using:

“mysql -u root -p”

Once logged in we will need to use the following commands (note: configpassword refers to the DB_Password from the previous step):

CREATE USER ‘simplerisk’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘configpassword’; 

GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,ALTER,DELETE,CREATE,DROP ON 'simplerisk.*' TO ‘simplerisk’@’localhost';

UPDATE db SET References_priv='Y',Index_priv='Y' WHERE db='simplerisk';

Once you have completed this step you should now be able to access your SimpleRisk instance and the migration should be complete. If you found anything in this guide to not be clear or require any further assistance please contact us at