We have observed an issue with the Risk Trend and Risk Average Over Time reports when the php.ini setting for Precision is set to low. This was observed on a WAMP instance but could apply to those using other operating systems as well.

An example of what the afflicted reports look like appears below.

Risk Average Over Time

Risk Trend

To correct this issue in WAMP you will need to start by left-clicking the WAMP task tray icon and selecting the PHP menu and clicking php.ini, alternatively you can  manually navigate to the php.ini at C:\wamp65\bin\apache\apache2.4.33\bin\php.ini (you may need to adjust if your installation path differs). Once you have the PHP.ini open you will need to look for a section matching the following:

You will need to adjust your "precision =" to match the example given so you should end with "precision = 14". Once you have changed this value and saved the php.ini you will need to restart the WAMP services by left clicking the task tray icon and selecting "Restart All Services". This should allow you to now generate these reports properly. If you were unable to resolve the issue after applying this fix please open a support ticket by e-mailing us at support@simplerisk.com.