This FAQ will guide you through the steps of removing all controls/control tests/control comments/control test results/active control audits. This will be the safest way to remove these controls with out issue. If you do not currently have any tests defined and have not ran any audit tests or added comments to any control tests then you will not have to do those steps but it will also not hurt to do them anyway. I also advise if you have the ComplianceForgeSCF extra active currently that you deactivate it before proceeding and can reactivate it after the controls have been removed.

Before you begin I recommend doing a backup of the database. Any time we are doing MySQL commands through the console there is the chance something could be damaged or broken during the process and it will be easy to recover if we have a backup available. You can create a backup through the program in "Configure" at the top and "Register & Upgrade" on the left. On the page on the right hand side you should see a "Backup the Database" button. Click it and a copy of the database will be downloaded to your machine. If your instance is not registered and you do not care to do so you may also follow the steps found here: How to Backup Your SimpleRisk Instance (Use Method #2)

This process requires access to the terminal on the server box where SimpleRisk is hosted. From there we will need MySQL access if you already have access via root credentials you may skip this section. If you do not you can follow these steps to gain access to your MySQL console.

1) In terminal use "cat /var/www/simplerisk/includes/config.php".

If you are not using the default location for SimpleRisk you may need to adjust the path accordingly.

2) Now use "mysql -u simplerisk -p" 

If you changed the name for the SimpleRisk database during install you should see it in the config.php that should be written out to the console after DB_USERNAME.

3) It will now ask for a password copy and paste the password from the config.php located after DB_PASSWORD

4) You should now be logged into the MySQL console and have a prompt of "mysql>"

Now that you are logged into the MySQL console we will need to remove a total of 5 tables and recreate them. I will only list commands that go directly into the console to make it easier to copy and paste. Keep in mind if you changed the name of the SimpleRisk database the first command will substitute SimpleRisk for your chosen name.

MySQL Commands:

USE simplerisk;

TRUNCATE framework_controls;

TRUNCATE framework_control_tests;

TRUNCATE framework_control_test_audits;

TRUNCATE framework_control_test_comments;

TRUNCTATE framework_control_test_results;

This concludes the steps to resetting your Controls in SimpleRisk completely. If you have any questions or concerns or find issues with this FAQ please contact us at: