How to Set a Static IP on SimpleRisk VM


This short FAQ will explain the steps required to set a static IP on your SimpleRisk virtual machine appliance. Since Ubuntu 17 you will now use netplan to configure Ubuntu’s network settings. Following this FAQ should be straight forward but ensuring the formatting is correct will be key to success. 

Configuring a Static IP

This section will be broken into steps, each step will need to be followed to the letter for this process to be successful.

1) Identify the name of your adapter using “ip addr” in terminal. The interface name you need is circled in the screenshot below.

2) Now we to configure netplan to use a static IP. Open the netplan configuration using:

sudo vi /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml”

3) You should now be looking at the following:

You will now need to edit your netplan to reflect the following:


  version: 2

  renderer: networkd



      dhcp4: no


        - (This will be your chosen static IP)

      gateway4: (This is the IP this machine uses to connect to the internet.


          addresses: [,]

This is a screenshot of what it should might look like when completed, be sure your spacing and indents remain consistent with the example.

4) The final step will be to apply the netplan using “sudo netplan apply”. If the terminal reports nothing and just moves down a line confirm the IP has been changed by running “ifconfig” you should see your new IP listed.


These steps will have guided you through setting a static IP on a SimpleRisk provided VM. If you have found any instructions to be incorrect or lacking detail please contact us at