Why do I see an X next to SimpleRisk Base URL does not match?


SimpleRisk lets users configure the Base URL used by the API for sending and pulling data from the MySQL database. If the URL users are connecting to SimpleRisk which does not match the stored value this will cause the inability to submit information into the system as well as cause most reports to no longer function. If after reading this FAQ you are still experiencing any continued issues please feel encouraged to contact us at support@simplerisk.com

How To Fix

Fixing this issue requires an administrator account in SimpleRisk. Once logged in go ahead and go to the “Configure” menu at the top followed by “Settings” on the left. In the first tab labeled “General”  near the bottom look for “SimpleRisk Base URL”. Once you have located it have a look at the URL your browser is currently pointing to. Now adjust the base URL to match but leave off the “/admin/index.php” part of the URL. An example would be my browser is at “https://demo.simplerisk.com/admin/index.php”. My base URL would then be “https://demo.simplerisk.com” once updated just go ahead and click the “Update” button at the bottom and you are finished.


At this point you have now updated the SimpleRisk Base URL to keep SimpleRisk running correctly and functioning properly. if you experience any continued issues with SimpleRisk please feel free to contact us at support@simplerisk.com