Plan Mitigation


The Plan Mitigation page lays out all risks that currently have no mitigation plan. This page allows you to tailor the columns of information you would like to see and provides streamlined access to your highest scored risks that lack a current mitigation plan.

Page Breakdown

  1. Column Description- This row explains what information is being displayed for each column in the table. You can also click the header to sort the table alphabetically based on that column.  The default fields shown are able to be edited see (4).

  2. Column Filters- These filters allow you to narrow down the data in the table based on the desired search parameters. Multiple filters can be used at a time. 

  3. Column Configuration - This button allows the user to configure what columns are to be displayed in the table below.

  4. Mitigation Planned - This column depicts if a risk has ever had a mitigation. Clicking the “No” will immediately bring you to the Plan MItigation page for the risk in that row.

  5. Management Review - This column will allow you to begin a review very much like the mitigation planned column. Clicking the “No” will begin a review for the risk in that row.

  6. Table Pages - These arrows will allow the user to move forward and backward through any pages of mitigations to be planned. Clicking the "All" button will display all records with out a mitigation on a single page.


The Plan Mitigation page is a great place to get a handle on your mitigations to ensure all current risks have a mitigation plan. This page should have served to answer all questions related to the Plan Mitigation page but if you feel anything has been missed or just seek further clarification please reach out to us at