Plan Projects


The Plan Projects page allows a user to group their risks in any way they see fit and to batch manage closing them. This can aid in scheduling mitigations and reviews as well as giving a tool for keeping up with large groups of risks.

Page Breakdown

  1. Add Project - This button allows you to add new projects into the system.

  2. Active Projects - This tab shows the currently active projects that are being tended to containing active and open risks.

  3. On Hold Projects - This tab contains  projects that are on hold. You may drag and drop the name of a project into the on hold tab to signify they are no longer the current priority or currently active.

  4. Completed Projects - This tab is for projects that have been completed. You may not always necessarily close the risks as they may still remain active and require periodic review.

  5. Cancelled Projects - This tab is for projects that have been cancelled and are no longer necessary. Placing a project into this tab will close all of the risks contained within that project.

  6. View Risk - This button will open up and list the risks contained within a particular project.

  7.  Delete - This button will remove a project permanently but does not affect the risks within.


The Plan Mitigation page provides tools to group risks logically and perform batch closes. This page should have served to answer all questions related to the Plan Projects page but if you feel anything has been missed or just seek further clarification please reach out to us at