How to Install SimpleRisk Appliance (VMWare)


This guide will cover the steps to import the SimpleRisk VMWare appliance. This guide assumes you already have VM Workstation Player installed. This guide was created using VM Workstation Player 16. The instructions should stay relatively the same between versions however if you run into any issues please contact us at


Step 1: After downloading the SimpleRisk VMWare appliance from extract the contents of the downloaded zip where you would like to store the VM.

Step 2: Open VMWare Work Station Player and click “Player” at the top left. Under “File” click “Open”.  Navigate to the OVF file for SimpleRisk and open it. In my example I’m using “simplerisk-20211010-001.ovf”. 

Step 3: You will now be able to name the Virtual Machine and select where it will be stored. Once you have made any changes necessary click “Import”.

Step 4: Double click the new Virtual Machine we just created for SimpleRisk in the left hand side of the Workstation Player window. Once the machine boots you will enter the login information below.

Login: simplerisk
Password: simplerisk

Step 5: Now that the server is up and running use the command “ip addr show” to determine the IP address. Please use the screenshot below to help guide you to which IP you need. This value will almost certainly be different from the example.

Step 6: In the browser on the host system or any system on the same local network type the IP of your SimpleRisk server into your browser URL and hit enter.

At this point you should now be at the login screen of your new SimpleRisk installation. The default login and password are stated below:

Login: admin
Password: admin


These instructions should have allowed you to install and begin to use SimpleRisk. If you have ran into any issue or have questions please contact us at