How do I add new File Types for File Upload in SimpleRisk?(Linux, Windows)


Sometimes we find that the default file types supported by SimpleRisk are not enough and we need to import a new file type. This short FAQ will help you determine the exact steps to adding the file type of your choice.


For the following instructions we are going to use a plain text file for this particular example although it should be noted plain text is already enabled by default.  This process does require access to the “Configure” menu so you will need an admin of the SimpleRisk instance to help if you are not one. The following instructions are broken up into Linux and Windows as identifying the proper file type works differently based on the operating system we are using. The final section will cover adding the file type in SimpleRisk once you have the necessary information.


1) Use “cd” and change to the directory that contains your file.

2) Use the command “file -b –mime-type example.txt” replacing example.docx with your file of the type you would like to add to SimpleRisk.

You should now have a response that looks like this. Save this for the section below when we go to add it in SimpleRisk. Where you see “text/plain” in my example you should see your MIME type for your new file type.


1) Find a file of the file type you would like to add to SimpleRisk in File Explorer. 

2) Right click your file and click “Properties”.

3) In the “Properties” menu click the “Details” tab at the top.

4) In the list of details and attributes you should see a value named “File Content Type”

5) Copy the “File Content Type” and save it somewhere for the next step.

Adding File Type in SimpleRisk

1) While logged into SimpleRisk as an admin click the “Configure” menu at the top.

2) You should now be in the “Settings” menu if not click the “Settings” menu on the left hand side.

3) Find the “File Upload” tab across the top of the menu and click it.

4) Fill in your MIME type/File Content Type from the previous step in the field just after where you see “Add new file type named”.

5) Now after where you see “with extension” enter the files extension. In the example we are using “.txt”.

6) Once you have the 2 fields for adding a file type filled out similar to the screenshot above click the “Add” button at the end of the line.


You have now followed the steps to adding a new file type in SimpleRisk. If you have any questions or found some information to be unclear or lacking please contact us at