This is a short FAQ describing the what each of the default status represent in SimpleRisk. This is just covering default status that appear in SimpleRisk, you are able to add/change/remove these entries by going to the Configure menu at the top followed by Add and Remove Values on the left.  Select the Status field at the top and you are able to edit them as needed.

The default status are:

Closed - The risk status of closed denotes a risk is closed. Many reports will then exclude this risk from calculation except where it makes sense for it to be a part of the report.
Mgmt Reviewed - This status is automatically set after a management review has been performed generally by management or business leaders.
Mitigation Planned - A mitigation has been submitted for this risk for the first time at which point the risk is automatically set to mitigation planned.
New - A risk was just created and no other actions have been made of the risk life cycle.
Reopened - This risk was closed and has been opened once again setting this status automatically.
Treated - This status I don't believe is automatically set at any point and denotes that the risk has been treated.
Untreated - Much like the former except opposing where a risk has not been treated.

If you have any questions regarding status after going through this FAQ please contact us at