In this short FAQ I will detail the steps to ensure your SimpleRisk logo swap does not impeded operation or upgrade of the SimpleRisk application. This operation will require the use of crontab and terminal access on the server running SimpleRisk. This FAQ cannot be done on instances hosted directly by SimpleRisk but we can do this for users on medium and large hosted platforms if you contact us at

We also suggest getting your logo to a size of 186X46 to ensure all pages see the logo properly.


All of the following steps are expected to be completed via Terminal or CLI on the server.

1) Your first step will be to move your intended logo onto the SimpleRisk machine somewhere outside of the web directory and name it "logo@2x.png" we suggest keeping the file PNG as this will keep down any increase in page load times.

2) Open up cront to edit using "crontab -e" in the terminal.

3) Here we need to add the following two lines. Before we get there I'd like to add some background. The first command will copy your logo over the SimpleRisk logo once an hour. The second will restore the file permissions of the logo and set apache as the owner (for ubuntu systems other O/S will need to change the apache user accordingly.)

01 * * * * cp -rf /logodirectory/logo@2x.png /var/www/simplerisk/images/logo@2x.png
01 * * * * chown -R www-data: /var/www/simplerisk/images

Hit escape and ":wq" to save and write out the changes.


At this point you have completed the steps to ensure your logo is in place and properly owned. We suggest creating a directly specifically to store this logo as /tmp/ may end up being cleared when you aren't expecting it and I wouldn't suggest anywhere in the SimpleRisk web directory as it will be replaced during upgrades.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns please contact us at