This short FAQ is to cover a recently examined and explored issue where users were reporting after upgrading to version 20220306-001 they could no longer login via LDAP. This is due to changes we made to patch a security concern regarding users being able to basically login anonymously depending on the LDAP server configuration. To remove this possibility also caused many instances that seemed like they were authenticating successfully to show that they were indeed not and while functionally it was working from a security standpoint this was less than ideal.

To identify if you are affected by this issue first confirm that this only occurs since upgrading to 20220306-001 and that you are using a username attribute of sAMAccountname. If both of these statements are true please make the following change.

Go to the Configure menu at the top followed by Extras on the left and then select the "Yes" next to Custom Authentication. On this page go to the LDAP tab and change the Username Attribute to "Distinguished Name" as pictured below.

If you find yourself continuing to see issues regarding LDAP login please contact us at