This FAQ will cover one possible cause for receiving 413 Entity Request too Large errors. This FAQ only applies to users with SSL configured on their instance. This applies to all installation methods and platforms. To perform this fix you will need root access to the operating system or at the least full write permissions over the apache configuration files. I will be using an Ubuntu installation example from this point forward.

First we need to open your virtualhost configuration. By default you will most likely be looking for /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf or ssl-default.conf. There can be slight deviations on this depending on version and O/S such as apache2 directory may be httpd for you.

In your virtualhost configuration for 443 port for SimpleRisk find your directory section and adjust it so it matches. It should already look the same except for the term added in green. The value I set here sets a limit of 10MB if you need more than this be sure to make sure you updated PHP to handle the larger file size as well as outlined here: How do I enable larger file uploads for SimpleRisk? (Ubuntu) 

   <Directory "/var/www/simplerisk">
        Options -Indexes 

        AllowOverride All 

        allow from all

        SSLRenegBufferSize 10486000


Save your changes and restart apache with "systemctl restart apache2". This completes the guide and the issue should now be resolved. If you have continued issues please contact us at