This issue if resulting in the error : “line 102 unsupported storage item” is caused by the OVF format being 2.0 and this seems to cause issues with vSphere.


 The simplest way to correct this is to re-export the image in OVF 1.0 using Virtual Box. If you don’t already have a copy this can be obtained at Once downloaded and installed open the program and you should see the following.

Now that you have Virtual Box open go ahead and locate your image of SimpleRisk or download the image found here

Next you can click File -> Import Appliance from there point the dialogue to your SimpleRisk image. Click next and leave the imported parameters default and click next again. Agree to the Mozilla License agreement and it should start importing the OVA with the finished product showing the following.

Finally while highlighting the simplerisk VM click File -> Export Appliance. This should bring you to a screen like the following.

Click Next and you should see the following ensure that OVF 1.0 is selected for the format.

Finally once you have chosen where you’d like the file to be saved to be saved hit Next and then Export without changing anything else and this should output your SimpleRisk image in OVF 1.0 enabling you to properly launch the image in vSphere.