How to Fix Registration Issues with SimpleRisk 20181103 VM


This short fix will cover how to correct an issue where users are unable to register instances on the SimpleRisk 20181103-001 Virtual Machine by removing the instance ID and registration information of your SimpleRisk and how to generate a new one. You will need MySQL console access to move forward with this fix. If you have any issues along the way please feel free to contact us at A PDF version is attached below.


First we will need to gain access to the MySQL console. If you are unsure how to accomplish this a few short steps to doing so will be provided below. These instructions assume you are using Ubuntu Linux or a similar operating system.

1) From terminal use “cat /var/www/simplerisk/includes/config.php”. This will write out the config to the terminal window, keep this here you will need the field “DB_PASSWORD” in the next step.

2) Enter “mysql -u simplerisk -p” into terminal and it will ask you for the password mentioned above. If you have issues getting in check the “DB_USERNAME” field from the config.php to be sure you are using the same username SimpleRisk uses.

3) Once in the MySQL console enter “use simplerisk” or substitute “simplerisk” for the contents of the field “DB_DATABASE” to select the SimpleRisk database.

4) Use the following commands to reset your registration status and clear out any registration information that has been stored in the system.

DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='instance_id';
UPDATE settings SET value=0 WHERE name='registration_registered';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='services_api_key';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_name';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_fname';

DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_lname';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_company';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_title';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_phone';
DELETE FROM settings WHERE name='registration_email';

5) Once you have completed entering the MySQL queries you may login to SimpleRisk and navigate to “Configure” at the top followed by“Register & Upgrade” on the left. You should not see any registration information anymore and after filling out the required fields you should now be able to register the instance successfully. 


This quick fix has covered the steps to resolve registration issues with registering the SimpleRisk 20181103-001 VM. If you are still having issues or just have questions that were left unanswered please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.