It was brought to our attention some users are experiencing issues importing the SimpleRisk VM in different versions of VMWare products. We have identified the issue to revolve around setting the hardware family while importing the virtual appliance. In most cases this can be resolved by changing the hardware family to one that is compatible with your version of ESXi/Workstation player. Before you begin it is recommended you verify the MD5 hash to ensure you downloaded a complete and uncorrupted copy of the virtual machine.

How do I know if I'm affected?

Users affected by this issue will receive an error during import stating "The OVF package requires unsupported hardware." and will look like the following.

How do I resolve this?

Correcting this issue is rather straightforward. First you will need to open the OVF in the text editor of your choice and find the following line:


For older versions of ESXi/Workstation Player (older than 6.5) you will need to change this according to your ESXi/Workstation Player version. A link to what hardware versions belong to what products can be found here: 

Once you have changed your VMX version accordingly you will need to remove the file as the VM will not longer match the hash correctly after editing. 

After this has all been completed you should be able to import the appliance successfully. If you are still having issues importing please contact us at